UPCO Messenger reaches 40,000 users

Vancouver, British Columbia–(February 22, 2022) – Upco International Inc. (CSE: UPCO) (OTC Pink: UCCPF) (FSE: U06) (“Upco” or the “Company”) informs shareholders that UPCO Messenger has reached 40,000 users.

UPCO is escalating its efforts to deploy UPCO Messenger throughout Europe and to add payment functionality – a combined solution that will help people communicate more effectively while facilitating faster and more secure payments. To expedite this goal, the company is working with Snoop Consulting, a Digital Transformation company that delivers innovative products and strategic advice to digital businesses.

Gustavo Guaragna, Snoop Consulting CEO, commented: “Our review of the European market suggests that it is not presently served by an application that supports both payments and unified communications. The new app will enable users to make payments, organize their personal or company budget, and communicate via chat. Our goal is to make the users’ life easier by providing a simple and reliable app, which is straightforward to use and understand, and minimizes updates that can consume their data.”

Andrea Pagani, UPCO International CEO explained: “We started working with Snoop to define the optimal range of features to benefit customers’ experience with the new integrated solution. Our objective is to create a world class application that responds to the need in the market to provide customers with a convenient and effective communication and payment tool. Our application will be ideal for travelers, digital nomads, and anyone who wants to have everything in one place and available with a click. Over the past year we have worked with methodologies such as Canvas and Kano to define the user persona for our application – a follow-up to the market analysis that we performed in 2021 with Codeversity.”

A key underlying concept of for UPCO Messenger is to maintain an ecosystem with lower data consumption on the server, which will be ideal for users who travel. Our application consumes less data than other apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram. UPCO’s strategy is to engage the consumer market in Europe with a viable and cost-effective alternative, which effectively addresses users’ requirements for functionality, privacy, and data management.

UPCO Messenger users are principally located in Germany, Italy, Israel, Egypt, France, Kazakhstan, Russia, Bangladesh, Poland and Indonesia. This application allows messaging around the world as well as internal and external calls.

About Snoop

Snoop Consulting is a software service company, which delivers innovative products focused on business transformation. Through its in-depth knowledge of technological services, it can address customer priorities such as operational efficiency, development, and digital transformation.

Snoop has worked with other companies such as DIRECTV, Zurich Insurance, City Bank and Bayer. It also has partnerships with Google Cloud, Microsoft and Huawei. Its CEO, Gustavo Guaragna, has been invited to participate as a speaker and outline his technical and business vision of the IT industry in India, Poland, and Latin America.

About UPCO

UPCO International Inc. is a cloud-based mobile service company which provides high-quality voice termination to a market driven by the growing activity in online communications and commerce. UPCO is a licensed Global Telecom Carrier within the international VoIP (voice over IP) wholesale business.

UPCO has designed a software application for Apple iOS and Android, similar to SKYPE and WhatsApp, and with the pending addition of the Upco e-Wallet.